Linear system
in 3 Profile sizes


Four mounting methods

Pendant, Recessed Flangeless, Surface, Recessed

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Diversity using the combination of different modules


Diversity using the combination of different modules


Diversity using the combination of different modules


Diversity using the combinations of different modules


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M-Series LED Shapes

Choose from M36, M60, or M100 in Recessed, Surface, or Cable Mount.

M-Series LED Shapes are available in 1', 2', 3', and 4' sides of Squares, Rectangles, Hexagons, or Triangles.

Custom Configurations and Shapes are also available, please consult factory.

LMO System for

The M36 LED is designed for different optical systems for symmetrical and asymmetrical photometrics.

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Light colors


M36 LED My White
2700 K – 6500 K

  • modification of light color for individual needs
  • optical zoning of architecture
  • creates perception hierarchies
  • emphasizes key elements
  • highlights materials and accentuating colors

Easy to replace LED
gear trays


and warranty

Selux stands behind the quality of the M-Series LED product line and offers a 5 year limited warranty on all LED products. We welcome you to contact us directly or visit us online to learn more about how we can support the freedom and interpretation of your designs.

Award winning design

With the innovative M-Series LED, Selux remains the market leader and is proud to have won the recent Next Generation Luminaire Award (NGL) competition and the Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award (PIA).

M-Series LED interweaves three key elements: advanced technology, talented design, and sustainable solutions.

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M-Series LED

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

Architect: Delugan Meissl, Wein
Lighting Designer: DELUX, Zurich
Photography: Achim Hatzius

M-Series LED

Colorado School of Mines, Marquez Hall Golden, CO

Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Anderson Mason Dale Architects
Design: Shaffer Baucom Engineering
Photography: ©Nic Lehoux

M-Series LED


Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Architect: Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, P.C.

M-Series LED


Stan Hema Branding Agency 
Berlin, Germany

Architect: Thomas Bendel
Photography: Achim Hatzius

M-Series LED


Chapwood Capital Investments
Addison, Texas

Architect/Designer: GO Studios
Photography: Steven Vaughan Photography

M-Series LED


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Lighting Designer: SDI Interior Design
Electrical Engineering: Summit Engineering
Representation: Salex, Inc.
Photography: Light Monkey Studio

M-Series LED


Heller Ehrman Law Firm
San Francisco, CA

Architect: Studios Architecture
Photography: Benny Chan Fotoworks