Solving the issue of visual clutter, Modular Columns integrate a wide range of unique optical systems and a high end camera and speaker options. All components are housed completely within the ø8" extruded column body, so your column still looks like a clean architectural element.

It is possible for a single Modular Column to provide the same function of three or more individually mounted products. Cleaning up a site lighting plan prevents distraction from the architectural and landscape design features, giving your project a more professional look.

Modular Columns & Bollards

Using common components, Selux Modular Columns can be used with bollards in the same space while maintaining a cohesive look.

The family of Modular Columns, along with our bollards, offers complete lighting solutions for any application.

A New Dimension in Versatility

It is amazing just how flexible the design of a luminaire can be. For Modular Columns, it is entirely variable in terms of shape and function. Depending on the lighting task and desired design, the Modular Column can be individually configured.

There are no bounds to your imagination thanks to a wide range of light modules, various mounting elements, and additional components for all aspects of urban applications.

The New Urban Light

Diverse light distributions enable highly uniform illumination of façades or vertical structures. The LED light is directed by premium quality optics enabling it to be precisely aligned horizontally and vertically to the area being illuminated, which prevents unwanted scattered lighting. 

Top Module

The Top Module adds an additional high-performance component to the Modular Column for the lighting of squares and pathways in urban environments. It is a continuation of the Modular Columns' cylindrical shape, rounding off the fixture with a highly stylish element that ensures a succinct, highly aesthetic appearance. 

The Top Module is available as a Corral, Exelia with Gen 5, Exelia with Tritec, MTR Round, or Inula. Exelia is available with a single, double, triple, or quadruple Tritec optic depending on lighting requirements and the height of the column. Inula is also available in multiple light stacks and four lighting quadrants.

Twin Spot Module

The Twin Spot Module, with two spotlights that can be independently aimed in the field, is available in any Modular Column with various positioning options.

The Twin Spot Module enables the creation of settings or precise spotlighting of important objects, monuments, or landmarks. Spot or Medium beam distributions are available, along with a variety of accessories including Honeycomb Louver, Linear Spread Lens, Colored Glass, and Diffuse Glass. Use the +/-45º pivot for additional adjustability.


Façade Module

The Modular Column Façade Module has been specially developed to ensure precise illumination of all types of architecture. The precise and powerful module guarantees an optimum surface beaming arising from a few light points only.

Façade Modules can be installed with their mounting elements at an offset between 0 and 360° around their own axis as required, enabling the simultaneous realization of various lighting directions.  The integration of different light modules on a single column ensures a pleasant, calming appearance for the surrounding environment – as does the option of aligning several identical modular columns to the line of reference.

With 20 different distributions, the Façade Module provides plenty of options for any lighting need.

Façade Module
Light Distributions

With 20 distributions available, you can provide lighting tailored to almost any type of building façade.

Combine more than one Façade Module within a single Modular Column to mix distributions and provide an additional range of possible lighting solutions

Modular Column 
Design Void

Lighten up the feel of the landscape space even more with our Design Void. Select from two sizes: 36" and 48", and choose to place this design feature almost anywhere in the Modular Column.

Security and Information

Smart cities require smart solutions. The Modular Columns by Selux provide the opportunity to house a variety of needed components within the ø8" diameter column.

Banner arms allow for information to be displayed, or for promotional materials.

Speaker integration allows for loudspeaker-type functionality or ambient music.

Integral cameras offer additional security measures without increasing installation costs.

Charging Station

Whether you are looking to charge your portable devices or your electric vehicle, these components can be integrated into the Modular Columns.

EV charging mounted to the column allows for a clean, functional addition to your site.

Power charging through 120V and/or USB 2.0 modules can even be protected with a weather-proof locking cover.

Smart City and Sensors

The goal of smart cities is to add convenience, technology, and security. With Modular Columns, all of these are possible within a single column.

Button photocell and motion sensors provide automatic dimming based on movement or area lighting.

7-Pin NEMA socket is an easy way to integrate industry standard communication nodes.

Wifi modules integrate into the column to allow for site Wifi signals - whether private or public.

Standard Exterior Colors

Choose one of the Selux standard exterior finishes to coordinate the luminaire with the site design - White (WH), Black (BK), Semi-Matte Black (BL), Silver (SV), or Bronze (BZ).

For a unique look you can choose from hundreds of premiums finishes (SP) for a modest project upcharge.

Technical Information

Continually innovating new ways to control light – Optical systems proprietary to Selux give you creative and visually interesting options to address light pollution, improve security and provide façade and accent lighting.

Busy urban areas and smart cities of the future are some of the intended applications for Modular Columns. Well-suited to address a variety of lighting needs, able to pack in all the desired technology and still look like a beautiful lighting element - all unify the
power and elegance of Modular Columns.

  • ø8" diameter extruded aluminum profile
  • LED in 3000K or 4000K
  • Choose from MTR, Corral, Inula, or Exelia Top Module 
  • Options include Twin Spot or Façade Module, Design Void, Power/USB outlet, CCTV camera, speaker, EV charging, and more

Selux Quality

The finest quality right down to the most minor details. The Modular Column unifies design, lighting technology and mechanical functionality to create a complete symbiosis. This is evident, for example, from the jointless glass terminations on the light modules with their particularly high workmanship and aesthetics.

High quality design is maintained throughout all possible configurations. The intricate craftsmanship and use of premium quality materials ensure a long service life for the timelessly elegant Selux Modular Column.

Service and Warranty

Selux stands behind the quality of the Modular Column product line and offers a 5 year limited warranty on all LED products.

We welcome you to contact us directly or visit us online to learn more about how we can support the freedom and interpretation of your designs.

church square delbrueck


  • Modular Column with double Tritec optic and one Twin Spot Module

car showroom potsdam


  • Modular Column with quadruple Tritec Optic and three Twin Spot Modules

World Trade Center Memorial Park

New York City, New York

  • Custom MTR square Modular Column featuring integral security camera