East of installation and configurability allow Miaura™ to be used in evolving spaces. The Miaura™ Rail can be installed first, with lighting modules easily added later, and moved around as needed. 

As the needs of the space change, so can the lighting design!

Miaura™ Rail and Blank Cover

Available in 8' or 12' lengths, the Miaura™ Rail comes with the through wiring for power and data installed, and the Blank Cover in the same length. Both the Blank Cover and Rail are field-cuttable for on-site precision of installation.

E40 Module

For a simplistic design with a variety of optical options, the E40 module is an unobtrusive addition to the Miaura™ range. Choose from the flush M36 optics to complement the rest of the lighting design. Space the E40 modules out for an even more budget conscious design.

Twin Linear Module

With the ability to choose which direction each line of light aims, along with the full range of flush M36 optics, the Twin Linear module allows complete control over the lighting.

Piix™ MRC Module

Utilizing the highly efficient, glare-reducing optics of the Piix™ MRC range, this module allows for effective, comfortable lighting on the Miaura™ Rail. With optional secondary optics, the Piix™ MRC module is a virtual toolbox of lighting options.

Design and Redesign

Whether the needs of the space are unknown or change over time, Miaura™ can be designed in. The modularity of Miaura™ and the ability to move the light modules allow for flexibility and lets the design flow freely.

Interior Finishes

Choose one of the Selux standard finishes to coordinate the luminaire with the rest of the design - White (WH), Black (BK), Semi-Matte Black (BL), or Silver (SV).

For a unique look, you can choose from hundreds of premium finishes (SP) for a modest project upcharge.

Service and Warranty

Selux stands behind the quality of the Miaura™ product line and offers a 5 year limited warranty on all LED products. We welcome you to contact us directly or visit us online to learn more about how we can support the freedom and interpretation of your designs.