creating a pleasing ambiance

Lanova Family

  • Catenary for Exterior Applications
  • Pendant for Interior Applications

NEW Gen 5 Optics

Selux Gen 5 lens is a proprietary optical design made of silicone - an innovative new material for LED optics. Long lasting and durable, it won't yellow, crack or break over time. Silicone also allows you to manufacture more complex lens designs than possible with plastic. Gen 5 optics perfectly blend efficiency, function and visual comfort. You can experience the Gen 5 light engine in the technical version of the Lanova. The Gen 5 platform will be introduced through new and existing Selux Exterior Products. 

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Various Cylinder Options

  • Clear Cylinder for Gen 5 
  • Clear Cylinder with Diffuse Bowl Optics
  • Half Frosted Cylinder for Diffuse Bowl (DB option)is the ambience version that uses a heavy diffuse sagged lens as the primary optics. It provides a soft quality of light without seeing the actual light source.

Catenary Mount –
Exterior Applications

Lanova Catenary is an attractive luminaire perfect for a designer needing improved visual guidance and purposeful light free of intrusive poles that destroy the look of an open space. The Lanova Catenary  creates excellent visibility and enhanced safety and security in large public areas such as parks, plazas and campus squares.

Pendant Mount – 
Interior Applications

Lanova Pendant is perfect for atriums, malls or any large indoor areas where decorative but functional lighting is needed. For exterior applications with pendant mount version please contact Selux.

Light colors

A choice of two CCT options - warm or cool to suit your project needs

Technical information

Lanova offers a wide range of technical optics. All materials are of the highest quality. Appearance is finished and clean looking with no visible hardware.

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Service and Warranty

 5 Year Limited LED Luminaire Warranty – Selux offers a 5 Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser that the Lanova LED luminaire shall be free from defects in material and workmanship of up to five (5) years from date of shipment. This limited warranty covers LED driver and LED array when installed and operated according to Selux instructions. For details, see "Selux Terms and Condition of Sale."