Purity of Light and Form

The ELO family, with the Ø6" body and Tritec light engine has a clean and sophisticated look. The scaled-down size of ELO is perfect for areas that may be overwhelmed by larger fixtures, such as garden paths, near buildings, or along pedestrian walkways.

Eliminating visible hardware is a Selux trademark feature and allows the beauty of the design to be uninterrupted.

ELO Family

The ELO family consists of a bollard, column, and wall mount version. All use the scalable Tritec LED refractor module, offering a variety of light outputs and distributions.

Options include: Dimming, Hi-Lo Switching, Photocell, House Shield, Motion Sensor, Flat or Domed Top Cap, Gold Reflector, and Colored Acrylic Rings. 

The ELO family can provide high quality illumination of paths, entrance areas, façades and access roads in close proximity to buildings.

ELO Family

With bollards, columns, and wall mount options, ELO provides a complete family solution.


Combining LEDs with a prismatic ring and a hexagonal-patterned reflector cone provides maximum glare control and a unique, discernible appearance.

Visually, the distribution on the ground is extremely uniform without striations or hot spots.

Visual comfort by combining three light directing processes

The LEDs are arranged in a ring and aligned parallel to the roadway so that the generated light is predominantly directed to the working plane. The LEDs are encased by prismatic rings, which guide the light and reduce glare. Under these rings is the hexagonal-patterned reflector cone, the concave shape of which together with a scaled surface structure enables optimal direction of light.

This type of combined light direction gives the light generated a calming quality, which is rounded off by the intensive highlights on the reflector surfaces.

Colored Acrylic Ring

Select a colored acrylic ring to use for way finding or to highlight your corporate or school colors.


Optical options include a Gold Reflector for a warm glow effect or a colored prismatic ring for wayfinding or corporate branding. Symmetric and asymmetric options with efficacy >100lm/W make it possible to meet energy codes with a decorative product.

Gold Reflector Finish

Choose the Gold Reflector option with ELO to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Comfortable Lighting

Use of the Gold Reflector in ELO can be combined with warm CCT LEDs (such as 3000K) to create a rich and comfortable lighting effect.

Day or night, the Gold Reflector adds a bit of elegance and flash without being overstated.

Comfort with Power

By adding surface area with each Tritec stack, the lumen output is increased without increasing the luminance or glare of the source.


A durable internal base plate for use in urban areas or for a clean look in installations up to an 11' overall height, or an external base plate for faster installation and increased strengths up to an 18' overall height.

Driver geartray is easily accessible through the hand hole (upper hand hole on columns).

ELO is rated for wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour at 18' heights.

Environment and Materials

• Low copper marine-grade aluminum cast parts and extruded base

• 5mm thick cast PMMA cylinder

• IK10 impact resistance rating

• Optical chamber sealed to IP65

• Stainless steel hardware

• Good for ambient temperatures of -40ºC to +40ºC

• Tiger Drylac certified powder coat finish

Exterior Finishes

Choose one of the Selux standard finishes to coordinate the luminaire with the site design - White (WH), Black (BK), Semi-Matte Black (BL), Silver (SV), or Bronze (BZ).

For a unique look, you can choose from the hundreds of premium finishes (SP) for a modest project upcharge.

Service and Warranty

Selux stands behind the quality of the ELO product line and offers a 5 year limited warranty on all LED products. We welcome you to contact us directly or visit us online to learn more about how we can support the freedom and interpretation of your designs.