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World Trade Center Memorial
New York City, New York

  • project World Trade Center Memorial
  • architect Handel Architects; Davis Brody Bond Architects
  • landscape architect Peter Walker & Partners
  • lighting designer Fisher Marantz Stone
  • photographer Ines Long, Archphoto

The World Trade Center Memo­r­ial in NYC, NY is designed to be the cen­ter­piece of the new World Trade Center. The land­scape archi­tect, Peter Walker, and the archi­tec­tural light­ing designer, Paul Marantz, chose to work with Selux to create light­ing specif­i­cally for this eco-friendly public space.

The custom MTR column was designed to resem­ble the shape of the Twin Towers. These columns pro­vide direc­tional light­ing capa­bil­i­ties and uti­lize glare-free refrac­tor tech­nol­ogy for enhanced visual com­fort of the many vis­i­tors who occupy the walk­ways and public plaza.

The Memo­r­ial Plaza was envi­sioned to be one of the most sus­tain­able, green plazas ever con­structed. The project is cur­rently pur­su­ing LEED Gold cer­ti­fi­ca­tion and is built to meet the require­ments of both the New York State Exec­u­tive Order 11 and the WTC Sus­tain­able Design Guide­lines, which pro­mote envi­ron­ment-friendly prac­tices. The MTR Columns were chosen for effi­cient and accom­mo­dat­ing design, low energy, and high pro­duc­tiv­ity.

  • The MTR is a family of diffuse exterior luminaires that includes Round and Square Columns and Bollards. The MTR refractor optic incorporates the light-bending properties of a prism, directing the light precisely where you need it most, with minimum intensity at planar viewing angles. The MTR bollards are installed below or near to eye level in environments where minimizing glare is especially important such as car parks or pedestrian walkways. They mark out entrance areas and paths, act as a means of orientation, and at the same time can help to structure a space. This is cleverly achieved through their unique design, using MTR refractors which reduce glare and enhance visual comfort, while also reflecting a small amount of light upward, providing torso illumination for recognition and depth perception and enhancing the sense of security and visual comfort.
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