Thursday 2 June 2016

New Optics for MLED, Plus 90 CRI and Regressed Mounting

The Selux M-LED prod­uct range is a ver­sa­tile linear prod­uct family, which allows you to achieve your design needs to the finest detail. The pop­u­lar M36 opti­cal offer­ing is being expanded even fur­ther, and the Micro­prism option is now avail­able for the M60, M100, and M130.

M36 Lou­vers, Drop Lens, and Light Up Lens

Adding lou­vers to the M36 allows for glare con­trol and illu­mi­na­tion of the task area. Offer­ing two dif­fer­ent dif­fusers behind the louver allows the choice of higher effi­ciency or com­plete dif­fu­sion of the LEDs.

With both the Drop Lens and Light Up Lens, M36 extends the light beyond the hous­ing, with a clean illu­mi­nated line for either Direct or Indi­rect light­ing. When used in a recessed fix­ture, these lenses allow light to brighten ceil­ing spaces, and create an illu­mi­nated line below the ceil­ing plane.

M60, M100, M130 Micro­prism Lens

A more effi­cient lens, the Micro­prism optic allows more focused light­ing with a com­fort­able illu­mi­nated sur­face. The micro­pris­matic pat­tern dif­fuses the light, and cuts down on glare, offer­ing a con­trolled light pat­tern.

90 CRI

With the focus on qual­ity light­ing, Selux has added 90 CRI as an option for all M-LED mono­chro­matic fix­tures. Allow­ing for higher color accu­racy, 90 CRI ren­ders colors more accu­rately, and ensures M-LED can be used in res­i­den­tial instal­la­tions while meet­ing CA Title 24 require­ments. Due to the high TM-30 ren­der­ing values (96 Ra, 92 Rf, 103 Rg, 88 R9, and 100 Rf,skin based on 3500K), the M-LED with 90 CRI can be used in any appli­ca­tion where color qual­ity is crit­i­cal.

Regressed Hous­ings

The entire M-LED range is now avail­able with Regressed Hous­ings. Using any of the flush opti­cal choices, you can enhance your space and reduce the vis­i­ble illu­mi­na­tion of the lens by select­ing the Regressed Hous­ing. The optic is regressed into the hous­ing by 1”, allow­ing for a com­fort­able cutoff.
Whichever M-LED optic you select for your instal­la­tion, it is sure to draw atten­tion to your space and design.

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