Friday 15 April 2016

NEW! My White for M60 LED and M100 LED

NEW! My White for M60 LED and M100 LED

Selux M-LED My White indi­vid­u­al­izes inte­rior light­ing instal­la­tions with its abil­ity to dig­i­tally con­trol color tem­per­a­ture allow­ing flex­i­ble vari­ables in design and sur­round­ings. My White is per­fect for the light­ing designer look­ing to create per­cep­tion hier­ar­chies, opti­cally zone archi­tec­ture, or empha­size key ele­ments. Selux My White uti­lizes the latest tech­nolo­gies of tun­able white and com­bines it with the high qual­ity and flex­i­bil­ity you have come to rely on in our linear LED prod­uct line. We are also pleased to offer DMX dim­ming for the ulti­mate con­trol!

Uti­liz­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of light­ing tech­nol­ogy
Selux M-LED My White uti­lizes the next gen­er­a­tion of light­ing tech­nol­ogy – tun­able light. This LED tech­nol­ogy adds the func­tion­al­ity of shift­ing from cool white light to warm white, par­tic­u­larly prob­lem­atic for tra­di­tional con­ven­tional light­ing that is only able to achieve one fixed tone of white light. With MLED My White, you can adjust freely from 2700K to 6500K, cre­at­ing the ambiance you desire for your envi­ron­ment.

DMX dim­ming is now avail­able
In addi­tion to the newly added DMX driver option, Selux now offers an in-wall con­troller for My White fix­tures with DMX dri­vers. This con­troller allows for sim­pli­fied con­trol of color and inten­sity at the touch of a finger. Pro­grammed with adjusta­bil­ity of CCT and inten­sity, and now with a warm dim­ming pro­gram to shift from 4000K at full inten­sity to 2700K as you dim.

Inte­grates freely in many archi­tec­tural styles
By adjust­ing the color tem­per­a­tures from warm (yel­low­ish) to cool (more blue), you can instantly alter the dra­matic effect of any space. M-LED My White helps archi­tects and light­ing design­ers, who are in a unique posi­tion of cre­at­ing a human cen­tric light­ing design, include key fac­tors such as cir­ca­dian rhythms, pro­duc­tiv­ity, emo­tional well-being, and func­tional light­ing qual­ity. M-LED My White can be used to high­light key ele­ments or accen­tu­ate cer­tain colors, to boost pro­duc­tiv­ity or to create an atmos­phere that encour­ages rest and relax­ation. What­ever you desire, M-LED My White will inte­grate fully into offices, schools, hos­pi­tals, retail loca­tions and gal­leries.

Indi­vid­ual solu­tions to unique chal­lenges
Our M-LED My White prod­uct line offers the same flex­i­bil­ity you have come to know in the Selux M-LED family and com­bines it with the most cur­rent tech­nol­ogy. With the latest My White addi­tion of M60 LED and M100 LED, now you have a wider choice in size that fits your design need: 36mm (M36 LED), 60mm (M60 LED) or 100mm (M100LED) widths. M-LED My White pro­vides mount­ing solu­tions for a vari­ety of unique chal­lenges (recessed, pen­dant, sur­face or wall mount). M-LED My White is avail­able in Direct, Indi­rect, and Direct/​Indirect dis­tri­b­u­tion. Whether you are look­ing for direct illu­mi­na­tion toward a spe­cific task or illu­mi­na­tion for the sur­round­ing area, My White can pro­vide a per­fect bal­ance.

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