Thursday 19 November 2015

More Light. More Uniform. NEW! M130 from Selux

The newest addi­tion to the Selux M-Series LED line, M130 LED, is a brand new lumi­naire per­fect for the spec­i­fier look­ing for more illu­mi­na­tion com­bined with the same flex­i­bil­ity and qual­ity you’ve come to expect from Selux M-Series. M130 LED is ideal for gyms, retail spaces, muse­ums, libraries, or other large indoor spaces with high ceil­ings.

More Light. More Uni­form. M130 is a brighter solu­tion for high ceil­ing instal­la­tions

One Light­ing System, Many Options
With M130 LED, now spec­i­fiers can design with one light system instead of two. A designer can choose M100 LED and M60 LED for var­i­ous office spaces, use M130 LED for an atrium and in com­bi­na­tion with an M36 LED con­fig­u­ra­tion in the recep­tion area, make an inter­est­ing first impres­sion. The light­ing com­ple­ments one another through­out the design space.

Cus­tomiz­able Mount­ing Solu­tions
M130 LED has the same flex­i­bil­ity as the M-Series LED line with mount­ing solu­tions for every design need — pen­dant, recessed, wall, and sur­face. It is easily cus­tomiz­able and unique. Give us your idea and we will pro­vide you with the tools to get it done. Selux has the most expe­ri­ence in the light­ing indus­try when it comes to com­plex instal­la­tions.

More Lines of Light, More Uni­form Light
Choice of one or two lines of light with eight out­puts giving you not only more light, but more uni­form light. A great idea for those high ceil­ing instal­la­tions such as a retail space or gym.

Tech­Zone™ Com­pat­i­ble
Selux is a Tech­Zone™ part­ner so there is no ques­tion of fit and finish with M130 LED. Com­pat­i­ble with 6” Tech­Zone™ ceil­ing system, there’s no need to research fix­ture com­pat­i­bil­ity for your ceil­ing layout when Selux has what you need to create a unique look. Tech­Zone™ tech­ni­cal panels house M130 LED in the sleek, orga­niz­ing tech­ni­cal zone, allow­ing you free­dom and flex­i­bil­ity.

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