Wednesday 6 July 2016

Introducting Trigo - Minimalist shape with distinctive substance

Selux Trigo has a simple geo­met­ric form that allows it to adapt to either modern or tra­di­tional archi­tec­tural set­tings. Unlike Astro, Trigo’s under­stated sophis­ti­ca­tion is smaller and lighter at an eco­nom­i­cal price point. Trigo has every­thing a designer is look­ing for — supe­rior pho­to­met­ric per­for­mance along with archi­tec­tural appeal for var­i­ous light­ing appli­ca­tions such as pedes­trian walk­ways, cam­puses, and other urban set­tings.

Eco­nom­i­cal with­out sac­ri­fic­ing qual­ity
Get the look of Selux Astro, but smaller and lighter. Enjoy the visual com­fort and qual­ity of Selux design for less with­out sac­ri­fic­ing lumi­naire options such as pho­to­cell, 0-10Vdim­ming, 347/480V, and Hi-Lo switch­ing. Eco­nom­i­cal not only in price but in energy sav­ings and LED long life.

Adapts to any set­ting
Trigo’s straight­for­ward design can be inte­grated into all forms of archi­tec­ture. Ideal for enhanc­ing the archi­tec­tural iden­tity of envi­ron­ments with a modern-day appeal. Per­fectly scaled in both pro­por­tion and per­for­mance for the demands of var­i­ous pedes­trian and road­way appli­ca­tions.

Easy Main­te­nance — High Qual­ity
Trigo uses the best per­form­ing LEDs avail­able and achieves effi­ciency levels up to 109 lm/​w. Trigo is rated IP65. High power, multi-die LED with pre­ci­sion reflec­tors and sec­ondary poly­car­bon­ate pris­matic dif­fuse tex­tured lens with a Dis­tri­b­u­tion Type V.

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