Selux introduces a new lighting tool kit

Embracing the history of our modular systems, and combining that with the variety of optics available in the M36, Selux has created a new concept in lighting. Rather than using multiple product lines from multiple manufacturers, the Selux Miaura can be arranged throughout the design space so that all areas have the appropriate complementary lighting.

Utilizing a trunking-type system, the various modules of the Miaura attach with a common method, bringing the design language throughout the range. Mixing modules allows for specialized lighting concepts to be used where needed, and general illumination lighting to fill the space with diffuse light.

One goal with Miaura is to allow designers the opportunity to design a space while maintaining the cohesive look of the lighting products used, and also to allow for redesign using the same fixtures. The easy installation allows for the straight trunking to be installed first, including corners, and the light modules to be added later. The modules can be reconfigured on site, allowing for complete control of the immediate lighting, along with the opportunity to change the space as needed. By spacing out the fixtures on the trunking, the cost is brought down while still maintaining light levels and configurable lighting schemes.

Side-lit panel or wing modules allow for diffuse lighting downlights can be adjusted for accent lighting and the twin linear module has an assortment of optical options. Create unique lighting schemes by combining M36 optics abd by rotating the light channels in 90º steps. Combine a wallwash optic with a microprism for comfortable room illumination that also accentuates a wall. Use two narrow batwing optics for a wider beam that maintains its control. Finish the tun with blank covers wherever a module is not needed, for a clean, complete look. The possibilities are endless!