M - L E D   C U R V E D — C O M I N G   S O O N

Selux M60 LED Goes Above the Curve

Selux M60 LED curved is a stylish interior luminaire for lighting designers and architects who want simple curvatures that can integrate with continuous lines of light. With its graceful appeal, it sets the right tone for office spaces, conference rooms, reception areas, or entryways.

New Dimension
The days of only straight linear lighting are over. M60 LED Curved adds a new dimension to the popular M60 LED line of light. With its refined curves and smooth transitions, the M60 LED Curved creates motion and flow throughout your space. The rounded, elegant lines provide a soft feeling while creating a comfortable light. Combine with linear M60 LED, and your configurations are nearly limitless!

Quality materials
The fully extruded aluminum housings and geartrays are rolled to a radius of 40” on the center line. The extruded acrylic LED Optimized White lens snaps in just like the M60 LED for a crisp, tight appearance. Specially designed LED boards were created to provide optimal uniformity.