With a clean and minimalist design, the M36 LED product range is striking in its simplicity. Precision lines of light are not only for defining spaces, but can also be used to suggest orientation within a building.

M36 LED's modular design is the key to its flexibility. Using intelligent controls and a new proprietary LED optical system — Light Modulation Optics (LMO) — M36 LED provides the building blocks for future oriented lighting schemes. Sustainability is achieved using high quality and durable materials which can be fully recycled at end of life. The service-friendly design allows for easy replacement and maintenance.

Mounting options for the M36 LED include pendant, recessed and surface mount. Configurations can be specified to suit all types of applications using lighting controls to ensure consistent lighting appearance. Illuminated L, T and X connectors further enhance the flexibility of M36 LED.

M36 LED — Optics and Diffusers

  • Light Modulation Optics (LMO) are produced from single solid profiles for precise and consistent control of linear lines of light. These precision made cross sections are designed for a variety of lighting applications guaranteeing excellent uniformity and efficiency.


    Acrylic PMMA diffusers not only protect the LED inserts but allow for continuous and uninterrupted lines of light. Opal diffusers are LED optimized while microprism diffusers provide a unique and brilliant lighting effect.

  • Opal PMMA

    LW —  LED optimized white lens

    Premium quality light optic for the uniform illumination of corridors, lobbies or other functional spaces.


    MI — Clear lens with microprism

    Clear PC optical system with microprism technology for the illumination of offices and functional areas with excellent glare control and high uniformity.

    Opal PMMA

    NB — LMO symmetrical 

    For general illumination of public and functional spaces and for uniform illumination of work surfaces.

    wall washer

    A2 – LMO asymmetric 20° wall washer

    For wall washing within demanding architectural environments such as galleries, museums and exhibition spaces where there is a height demand for vertical uniformity.

    LMO wallgrazer

    A5 — LMO asymmetric 5° wall grazer

    Used for the vertical illumination of corridors, museums and retail applications.