E X T E R I O R   M O D U L A R   C O L U M N S

Versatile. Innovative. Expansive.

Multi-purpose Accessories
Our 8” column platform can be combined with a number of different accessories such as CCTV camera, speaker, USB outlet, twin spotlights or façade lighting modules. Then choose any of our 8” column luminaire heads to top it off. Now a single light point can incorporate a security or service function as well as functional/decorative lighting elements.


Mix and Match Modules
The 8” diameter platform allows you to choose an MTR, Corral, Inula or Exelia top module. These modules are scalable in size and output. In the column body specify column accessories to be included. Accessories include, but not limited to: speakers, camera, voice/data, USB charging, and call stations. This allows for unique configurations using standard components.


Expansion of Existing Selux Column Families
Selux Modular Columns will expand the Corral, MTR, Inula, and Exelia column families. Add these enhanced columns to an existing project that uses these products and the design will remain intact. Now you have the ability to integrate multiple functions into one light point simplifying design and installation.