M125 Lookbook

Thursday November 20, 2014

The M125 Lookbook is Now Available!

The newest addition to our Lookbook collection is now online


Selux adds another resource for our agencies, the M125 Lookbook. As with our other Lookbooks, the M125 Lookbook provides a virtual installation of a product idea. "Favorites" and "Personalize" functions enable you to easily create your own individual presentation. The Lookbooks are suitable for viewing on both laptops and mobile devices so project related information can be quickly accessed whether at the office or on the road. Exporting the complete Lookbook presentation to PDF format for offline use is also possible.


So whether it's the Olivio, Avanza, M-Series LED, Survivor® 9 or M125 Lookbook, the Selux Lookbook is a valuable tool to present product concepts, technical information and beautiful project photos. Be inspired!