Thursday July 26, 2018

Selux Ritorno LED - 150W HID Replacement

Selux announced that the Ritorno LED family is now capable of replacing 150W HID lamping.


Ritorno LED offering
The Ritorno LED family from Selux is now capable of replacing 150W HID lamping while maintaining original pole spacing. The indirect lighting of the Ritorno, available in Round Symmetrical (Type V) or Round or Square Asymmetrical (Type IV) distributions, creates uniform, comfortable lighting in 3000K or 4000K. The LED retrofit kit can replace less energy efficient modules currently in the field.

Functional Elegance
Use Ritorno LED for pole or wall mount applications.  Multiple shade styles, power levels, and CCT options can be selected to create a unique project. The integrated drip groove, stainless steel hardware, and reverse tapered poles add a functional elegance, while optional pole-integrated GFCI provides electricity in a convenient location.
Indirect Exterior Lighting
European designers have long embraced the method of indirect lighting for exterior spaces. Indirect lighting in exterior applications provides a uniform, shadow-free distribution, while creating a comforting ambiance. Uniquely designed shades for Ritorno LED, along with diffuse flush glass lens over the LED light engine completely conceal the light source.