Friday February 16, 2018

Selux Generation 5

A New Optical Advancement that allows for more complex designs.


For landscape architects who are in need of long lasting, durable LED optics that won't yellow, crack or break over time. The Selux Gen 5 silicone lens is an optical advancement and allows for more complex designs. Unlike other optics, the Selux Gen 5 lens is a proprietary design made of silicone, integrated into our existing and new exterior products to expand our distribution range - increasing lumen output and providing a visual experience unique to Selux.

Proprietary Design
Lensesmade of acrylic can yellow, crack, or break over time and have limited lens design capabilities. Selux has come up with a proprietary optical design made of silicone – an innovative new material for LED optics. Gen 5 lenses are long lasting and durable –they will not yellow over the life of the luminaire. It also allows for more complex lens designs, so very precise lighting distributions are possible.  The silicone lens acts as an electrical barrier for Class 1 wiring, eliminating the need for additional parts. In addition, a silicone lens also eliminates the need for a separate gasket as it is self-sealing.  The Gen 5 lens integrates with a specular backing and textured faceplate extracting 7% of light from lens into the optical system. The system works together to reduce contrast and provide visual interest.

Want a larger aperture?  Higher lumen output? Gen 5 can be scaled to your particular design layout. More lenses, more LEDs and higher power levels are all possible. Working together with Selux, you can find the perfect fit for your design project.

Exclusive Micro House-side Shield
Instead of the typical exterior house-side shield that obstructs the look of the luminaire as well as interrupting the flow of a lighting design, Selux has created an exclusive micro house-side shield that clips onto the actual lens –blocking light at the source. Our discreet micro house-side shield was designed specifically for the Gen 5 lens and is exclusive to Selux.