Thursday May 17, 2018

Selux Corporation proudly announces the release of new interior and exterior luminaires.

Selux premiered our latest Innovations, first seen at LIGHTFAIR® International 2018 in Chicago on May 8th.


Selux Corporation proudly announces the release of new interior and exterior luminaires. In addition, Selux premiered our latest Innovations, first seen at LIGHTFAIR® International 2018 in Chicago, May 8th through May 10th.



Introducing Ouray: Built around the proprietary Gen 5 light engine platform, Ouray™ boasts a full range of unique optical distributions with backlight control feature, custom distribution possibilities and a full diffuse comfort option.


Tritec Module: A modern day LED refractor for exterior post-top fixtures with indirect light source providing comfortable vertical illumination. This scalable design is perfect for pedestrian areas.  This module is available in three Selux exterior post top product families: Quadro, and Exelia.


Introducing ELO: With a 6" diameter, ELO is the most slender bollard/column family from Selux. ELO uses the scalable Tritec LED refractor. The family consists of a bollard, column, and wall mount. The unique optical approach provides effective vertical illumination and interesting aesthetics.


Modular Column System: Listed as one of EdisonReport's Top 10 MUST SEE Products at LFI 2017, the Modular Column System is here to solve the issue of visual clutter. Selux Modular Columns integrate a wide range of unique optical systems and high-end camera/speaker options. Module options also include twin spotlights and facade lighting. 



MLED Optical Expansion: M60 LEDM100 LED products as well as MLED for 4" Technical Ceiling Systems now have the same versatile optics as our M36 LED allowing for a more flexible lighting design throughout your space. 


Introducing Piix™ MRC: For lighting designers who want more flexibility and control in their design with less glare, Selux introduces the Piix™ MRC (Micro Reflector Cell). With Piix™, the focus is on the lighting rather than the fixture. Precision-designed micro-faceted reflectors allow for the distribution of light to be controlled and efficient.


Introducing Miaura™: A lighting toolkit for designers, only from Selux. Rather than using multiple product lines from multiple manufacturers, the Selux Miaura™ can be arranged throughout the design space using a module system so that all areas have the appropriate lighting. With Miaura™, you get freedom of design and reconfigurability.


M60 LED Wet Location: Create engaging lighting layouts with any length of continuous light and minimal disruption; run a line of light from indoor to outdoor while maintaining the design features, all with Selux M60 LED Wet Location.


Selux has a solution for every lighting challenge. Take a look at our new inspired!