Wednesday August 15, 2018

Piix™ MRC and ELO Bollard are accepted into the 2018 IES Progress Report!

The purpose of the IES Progress Report is “to keep in touch with developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world and prepare a yearly review of achievements for the Society.” Both the Selux Piix™ MRC and ELO Bollard have been selected for inclusion in the 2018 IES Progress Report.


Piix™ MRC

The latest interior product innovation from Selux, the Piix™ MRC allows for precision lighting without uncomfortable high-angle glare. With the light source hidden within the housing, a quiet ceiling is created and the focus remains on the space.

With three distributions, optional secondary optics, and multiple light outputs, Piix™ MRC can meet the lighting requirements of any space.


ELO Bollard

As part of the ELO family, the bollard is a high efficacy LED refractor system. With up to 109 lumens per watt, ELO helps bring efficient, comfortable light to your space. 

The bollard and column use the scalable Tritec light module - an indirect light source that provides comfortable vertical illumination. Combining the LEDs with a prismatic ring lens and a hexagonal-patterned reflector cone provides maximum glare control and a unique appearance.