Friday April 15, 2016

NEW! My White for M60 LED and M100 LED

Selux M-LED My White individualizes interior lighting installations with its ability to digitally control color temperature allowing flexible variables in design and surroundings.  My White is perfect for the lighting designer looking to create perception hierarchies, optically zone architecture, or emphasize key elements. Selux My White utilizes the latest technologies of tunable white and combines it with the high quality and flexibility you have come to rely on in our linear LED product line. We are also pleased to offer DMX dimming for the ultimate control!


Utilizing the next generation of lighting technology

  • Selux M-LED My White utilizes the next generation of lighting technology – tunable light. This LED technology adds the functionality of shifting from cool white light to warm white, particularly problematic for traditional conventional lighting that is only able to achieve one fixed tone of white light. With MLED My White, you can adjust freely from 2700K to 6500K, creating the ambiance you desire for your environment.


DMX dimming is now available

  • In addition to the newly added DMX driver option, Selux now offers an in-wall controller for My White fixtures with DMX drivers. This controller allows for simplified control of color and intensity at the touch of a finger. Programmed with adjustability of CCT and intensity, and now with a warm dimming program to shift from 4000K at full intensity to 2700K as you dim.


Integrates freely in many architectural styles

  • By adjusting the color temperatures from warm (yellowish) to cool (more blue), you can instantly alter the dramatic effect of any space. M-LED My White helps architects and lighting designers, who are in a unique position of creating a human centric lighting design, include key factors such as circadian rhythms, productivity, emotional well-being, and functional lighting quality. M-LED My White can be used to highlight key elements or accentuate certain colors, to boost productivity or to create an atmosphere that encourages rest and relaxation. Whatever you desire, M-LED My White will integrate fully into offices, schools, hospitals, retail locations and galleries. 


Individual solutions to unique challenges

  • Our M-LED My White product line offers the same flexibility you have come to know in the Selux M-LED family and combines it with the most current technology.  With the latest My White addition of M60 LED and M100 LED, now you have a wider choice in size that fits your design need:  36mm (M36 LED), 60mm (M60 LED) or 100mm (M100LED) widths. M-LED My White provides mounting solutions for a variety of unique challenges (recessed, pendant, surface or wall mount). M-LED My White is available in Direct, Indirect, and Direct/Indirect distribution. Whether you are looking for direct illumination toward a specific task or illumination for the surrounding area, My White can provide a perfect balance.