• microprisms

    Triple Lens

    The LED Triple Lens module is comprised of an oversized PMMA lens, a board with three LED groups and a heat sink. Complete versatility in application is now possible with the full range of IES distribution types, perfect for lighting streets, paths and parking areas.

    Opal PMMA

    Gen 3

    The original Selux LED light engine gets updated to generation 3. Individual precision injection molded lenses consisting of a collimator and one of three light shaping lenses produce IESNA standard distribution types. Benefits of the
    GEN 3 include cold weather starting, instant on, and 0-10V dimming.

    Opal PMMA

    Linear LED

    The M-LED light engine technology is currently used in our award winning M-Series LED luminaires. The Selux M-LED is available in three widths M36 at 1 7/16" (36mm) M60 at 2 3/8” (60mm) wide and M100 at 4” (100mm) wide. A wide variety of mounting options and configurations are possible, adding to the flexibility of the revolutionary design. 


    Light Column

    Selux has also taken the linear LED platform outside by expanding the popular light column range with high performance M-LED linear technology. In addition to enhanced performance, features and options have been greatly expanded as well, making the LED columns an excellent choice for low maintenance installations with dynamic functions.