Selux Lanova is an attractive luminaire perfect for a designer needing improved visual guidance and purposeful light. Lanova Pendant allows you the design freedom to position the light exactly where it is required with a luminous focal point or a dramatic shadow. The Lanova creates the perfect ambience.

Lanova LED for pendant hanging systems delivers a wide range of looks and optical options. The two optical system options include technical versions (R1, R2, R4, R5R & R5S) and an ambience version (DB). Technical optics consist of proprietarily designed silicone lenses that interact with a structured reflector and diffuse faceplate with hexagon patterned light-wells reducing contrast and increasing comfort. The ambience version uses a heavy diffuse sagged lens as the primary optic to provide a soft uniform appearance without seeing the light source. These unique optical systems are energy efficient and can accommodate anything from very technical lighting applications to purely decorative mood lighting.