Marriott Pavilion at the Culinary Institute of America
Hyde Park, New York

Founded in 1946, The Culinary Institute of America is an independent, not-for-profit college offering associate and bachelor's degrees with majors in culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, and culinary science, as well as certificate programs in culinary arts, Latin cuisines, and wine and beverage studies.

The CIA's Hyde Park, NY campus is the new home for legendary CBS Art Director and Designer Lou Dorfsman's Gastrotypographicalassemblage. The work measures more than 33 feet wide and 8 feet tall, and consists of more than 1,650 individual letters spelling out 255 culinary terminology and expressions, as well as 65 food-related objects.

Selux M36 LED was used to highlight this significant piece of American design history, which is the focal point in the college's Marriott Pavilion and Conference Center. With the asymmetric wall grazer shielding option, M36 LED was the perfect choice to evenly light the mural to capture the imaginations of both the CIA community and the leaders of the foodservice and hospitality industry when they attend the college's thought leadership programs in the new 800-seat theatre and conference center.

"Lou Dorfsman's work shows us the aesthetic and historical value of thoughtful design, and it offers visitors a glimpse into the nation's burgeoning awareness of food and culture in the 1960s," explains Dr. Tim Ryan, president of the CIA. "This artwork was created in the era when Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein re-imagined images of soup cans and hot dogs as fine art. By displaying it in a truly public setting for the first time, the college hopes to further build the reputation of the Hudson Valley as a destination for not only the culinary arts but the arts in general."

  • Project — Marriott Pavilion at the Culinary Institute of America
  • Client — The Culinary Institute of America
  • Electrical Engineering — H.F. Lenz - Johnstown, PA
  • Photographer — James Brigagliano
  • Products M36 LED