SBA Communications
Boca Raton, Florida

The new SBA global headquarters consolidates all the Boca Raton employees under one corporate owned roof with a master plan for a second building for the campus which will be connected via a sky bridge. The building purchased was a typical office park spec. building which needed an overhaul to both look and function as the global office for SBA.

As a quickly growing leader in communications and having a vast amount of business in South America, the design direction and pallet are inspired by the tropics. A crisp clean white envelope with floating ‘cloud’ ceiling planes, bright LED lighting using Selux M60 LED pendants, low/light workstations, and a generous use of vision glass for internal offices provide a very inviting, light filled environment, which is a huge departure from the former dark, perimeter office and tall black workstation offices.

Combining M60 LED recessed with the warm two tone Zebra wood ribbon accent anchors the double height lobby and public areas, while darker walnut panels and furnishings provide a striking accent and identify the executive and conference areas. Bright green highlights in carpet, upholstery, and strategically located walls provide a fresh yet sophisticated environment. Additional orange and bright blue accents provide a youthful, “fun” tone on multiple casual meeting areas, break rooms, and the large café.

Selux M60 LED was chosen for its versatility for creative options in addition to its high efficiency.

  • Project — SBA Communications
  • Client — SBA
  • Architect — IA Interior Architects
  • Photographer — ©2015, Eric Laignel Photography
  • Products M60 LED