SapientNitro Miami
Miami, Florida

The SapientNitro Miami office design represents an unusual combination of materials, applied in an unexpected manner to provide a creative, fun, clever environment. From the moment you see the bold graphics and media screens adorning the street level retail spaces to the first impression entering through the giant red glass entry vestibule, one knows this is not your typical office. A concierge greets visitors at the “bar” offering beverages while you wait in the main café hub where one truly sees the creative staff work and play. If provided a tour, the level of product exposure and visibility of the work process is visible within multiple rooms and nooks crafted of re-claimed wood and pallets to look like shipping crates (and dubbed ‘Creative Crates'). The light levels vary drastically (smaller zones and light types are all dimmable) dependent on the task and desires of the uses. The Selux M100 LED was used within the office, resulting in perfect direct lighting as well as making the rooms feel larger with the indirect light.

A wide variety of room and furnishing types / styles allow many choices where users may work, and where they may want to present and engage with clients. The result of this corporate office design is one that it is not very “corporate” in style, provides choices, truly reflects the Sapient brand and culture, and fosters the creative energy of this dynamic group which will propel the business growth.

  • Project — SapientNitro Miami
  • Client — Advertising Agency
  • Architect — IA Interior Architects
  • Photographer — ©2015, Eric Laignel Photography
  • Products M100 LED