L'Enfant Plaza Office
Washington, DC

L’Enfant Plaza, named for Pierre Charles L’Enfant the architect who designed the street layout for the capital, is a compound of commercial buildings in Washington, DC just blocks from the National Mall. With a location that provides direct access to the L’Enfant Plaza Metro station, this group of commercial buildings appeal was only enhanced by the recent $40M makeover.

Boasting an impressive multi story glass gateway entrance, this 1.2M square foot mixed use project features upgraded office space, an abundance of restaurants and shops outdoor tables on the terrace and a beautiful area known as “The Square.” With indoor access to five of DC’s Metro lines, L’Enfant Plaza is truly a popular destination.

Selux M100 LED lighting in a ladder configuration with lit rungs was customized for this project. The design of this building is perfectly complemented with the high luminaire efficiency of this product.

  • Project — L'Enfant Plaza Office
  • Client — L'Efant Plaza Office
  • Architect — Fox Architects
  • Photographer — David Roe
  • Products M100 LED