Billy Bishop Airport Tunnel
Toronto Island, Canada

Billy Bishop Airport is Canada's ninth busiest airport, but its location on Toronto Island requires a trip across one of Lake Ontario's harbors. Now, instead of waiting for the water ferry, hurried travelers can utilize the 853 ft. long pedestrian tunnel, installed 115 ft. beneath the lake's surface last year. Moving sidewalks in the passageway enable as many as 1,000 people per hour to get from Toronto's mainland to the airport in just six minutes.

The scale and shape of the 32 ft. diameter passageway required multi-directional light distribution along its entire length. Selux Purelight pendants were the perfect choice to make the long underwater tunnel feel less confining. Purelight luminaires were suspended end-to-end, with each 4 ft. section containing one T5HO lamp. The luminaires provide efficient and safe illumination and their tunnel-like shape offers a complementary finishing touch.

  • Project — Billy Bishop Airport Tunnel
  • Client — Billy Bishop Airport Tunnel
  • Architect — ZAS Architects
  • Lighting Designer — Arup
  • Electrical Engineering — Arup
  • Representation — Salex, Inc.
  • Photographer — Light Monkey Studio
  • Product Description — Purelight
  • Products Purelight LED and My White