Pat Bayly Square
Ajax, ON Canada

Pat Bayly Square, a multi-faceted gathering space in the heart of downtown Ajax, ON, Canada began development in 2016. Named for the first mayor of Ajax, the space will serve as an educational venue and also provide amenities for daily users, community functions, and year-round cultural activities. The square features a skating rink/reflective pool, water fountains, cultural artwork, and multi-functional spaces for public gatherings. A civic building, stage, seating areas, and landscaping invite a wide-range of people to the space.

Mayor Steve Parish was quoted as saying “Named after Ajax’s first mayor, Pat Bayly Square pays homage to the town’s past while representing Council’s vision for the New Downtown Ajax. This new urban, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use development will be a hub of community activity and a destination for visitors for generations to come.” The square also features the bust of its namesake, along with a monument celebrating women war workers – Canada’s first of its kind.

Working with landscape architects NAK Design Group and electrical engineers Moon Matz, Salex helped bring to life a lighting design that would support the goals of the square’s sustainable design, and provide a setting for the ongoing events to be held there. MTR Columns and custom-designed MTR side-mount fixtures from Selux Corporation help transform the downtown core with lighting design, while also creating a strong unified look and enhancing the city experience.

  • Project — Pat Bayly Square
  • Lighting Designer — NAK Design Group
  • Electrical Engineering — Moon Matz
  • Representation — Salex
  • Product Description — MTR Columns and custom MTR side-mount