Marina Park
Newport Beach, California

Marina Park is a cutting-edge and exciting community and sailing center in Newport Beach. Marina Park covers a total area of 10.5 acres and took ten years to come to be. The park boasts a 23 slip visitor marina including facilities for sailing instruction, new and improved restrooms for beach visitors and those using the boat slips, the Lighthouse Café, a nautical themed children’s playground with picnic tables and a community center offering a variety of classes to name just a few of the wonderful attractions.

The Selux Notch LED Bollard as well as the Saturn Cutoff was chosen as part of the lighting design for Marina Park because of their ability to withstand the environmental conditions present along the water front. These fixtures are designed for and best feature in applications including but not limited to pathways, local roadways, parking lots and for general lighting.

Today, Marina Park is a “new” park filled with activities that are available to the public and it can be enjoyed by children, families, singles or senior citizens.

  • Project — Marina Park
  • Client — Marina Park, Balboa Center
  • Architect — Rabben/Herman Design Office
  • Representation — David Silverman and Associates, Inc.
  • Photographer — ©Brad Nelson
  • Products Saturn Cutoff & Cutoff LED, Notch LED Bollard