Selux Solar lighting products have been reinvented in 2014 to offer one of the most impressive and well-designed systems available. An advanced Energy Management System (EMS) utilizing SO-Bright® controls from SolarOne Solutions is the heart of the system.  SO-Bright® controls allow for custom operating profiles, Maximum Power-Point Tracking (MPT), Run Time Extension (RTE), and Wireless Programming. All major components including luminaire, PV modules and batteries are constantly monitored to ensure reliable operation. No lift required for diagnosing problems, checking component status, or reprogramming. The provided wireless remote does all this from the ground and can even be used as an on/off switch for the luminaire. UL listed PV modules are available up to 280W and Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries up to 352Ah maintain capacity better in cold climates.  Several unique luminaires and optical systems produce precise distributions with maximum visual comfort. All parts of the system are neatly packaged to provide a clean look.