At Selux we are moving into the future with smart innovations...

In cooperation with energy conservation agencies, municipalities, concerned contractors, engineering groups and others, we at Selux strive to support and develop green technology products and practices. Everyday we work towards finding new solutions for your energy efficient lighting needs. We work towards continually creating more energy efficient and eco friendly luminaires along with motivating our employees to work and live in a sustainable manner. Here are just a few examples of some of our sustainable commitments:


Green Initiatives

Product Offerings and Development

  • Energy-Efficient LED-based luminaires
  • Solar-powered luminaires
  • Products developed and manufactured in Highland, NY



  • Selux Recycles 80% of water used by factory processes
  • Recycles and reuses 100% of cardboard/paper waste
  • Recycles 100% scrap metal resulting from factory processes
  • End of life recycling for all of our LED based luminares


  • 50% office power generated through renewable energy (solar panels on roof of factory- see an interactive report here!)
  • Extensive use of daylight for natural lighting in all work areas
  • Factory parking lot illuminated with solar powered luminaires
  • Use Lean manufacturing methods to reduce usage of raw materials Tiger Drylac certified powder coat facility utilizes a process that reuses up to 98% of all paint powder
  • Eliminated all CFC emissions in paint facility
  • Selux uses biodegradable liquids throughout factory
  • Cross Beam Technology (CBT)

    CBT simultaneously delivers high light output and high level of visual comfort due to the combination of direct and reflected light. A LED cluster aligned in the direction of the main light is integrated into each reflector and delivers harmonious brightness transitions for optimum visibility and a unique appearance.


    Light Modulation Optics (LMO)

    Light Modulation Optics are produced from single solid profiles for precise and consistent control of linear lines of light. These precision made cross sections are designed for a variety of lighting applications guaranteeing excellent uniformity and efficiency.

    Solar Powered Lighting

    We have several available solar luminaires, all of which are self-contained lighting systems that require no outside electricity. Selux solar luminaires can contribute to LEED points for parking lot lighting, are IDA approved "Dark Sky Friendly" and offer excellent optics and light distribution options.


    Dark Sky Friendly

    With a wide range of luminaires approved by the International Dark Sky Association as "Dark Sky Friendly," Selux is at the forefront of the movement to reclaim our night skies with luminaires that create absolutely no uplight.

    LED Technology

    The Notch and the Discera 4 LED are the first two LED luminaires developed by Selux. Selux has committed much time and resources in developing LED based lighting that meets photometric and energy demands for pedestrian scale lighting. The long life, low power consumption, and instant-restart of LEDs make them a smart alternative to traditional light sources.

    MTR Technology

    The MTR refractor provides outstanding performance from a variety of lamp types. New generation of MTR refractors engineered to provide focused, glare-free, and highly-efficient light distribution.