Company in Berlin in 1948

Some call us a global enterprise.
We call it a family business.

Innovation from the Very Start
"Semper Lux" - always light. When Hermann Bansbach started his company in Berlin in 1948, the city still lay in ruins, with hardly any electricity or light. Hermann Bansbach brought light into this dark time by brightening up the lives of Berliners with simple, affordable, battery-powered lamps. He believed that light had a social and cultural significance that went far beyond doing business and making a profit. That mindset is still alive today. We also find it fascinating how we can add to the quality of people's lives through sophisticated lighting concepts. That is how Semperlux became Selux - and how a craftman's shop in Berlin turned into a global company with 500 employees in Europe, North America, and Australia. Today the company generates over 80 % of its revenues outside of Germany.

Continuity Through Innovation

At Selux, staying true to ourselves means staying in the forefront with constant evolution. A company with 30 years in the US and 60 years in Germany and Europe. Evolution that spans so many decades does not become a success through improvised decisions; it comes from careful planning and sophisticated ideas that reflect our company standards in every detail.

At Home Throughout the World 

Think global, act local: if you want to enjoy worldwide success, you need to know and understand local markets. In the US as well as Europe, we develop and produce our products for local markets as well as for the global corporate group. As a global company, we can partner to manage projects across international lines; for example the architect can be European, the specifier American and they collaborate for Asian clients.


Lines of Light — Courtesy of Selux
The original linear luminaire was made by Selux. In the 1970s, our straight-line profile lamp was a stunning innovation; for the first time, light could be sold by the meter. Whether straight-line or mitered, it is available in any length,and for any type of building. Even today we continue to perfect the philosophy of modular lighting components

Our Standard: The Exceptional
In color, look, casing, and assembly techniques, Selux offers you the freedom to design. And our team of technicians, engineers, and designers will be happy to provide you with competent advice. Whatever your specific lighting needs, Selux will help you to carry out even the most complex plans, effectively and economically.


Why modular systems?
To help you turn your vision into reality.

Lighting Components for Every Situation
Good lighting is efficient and ergonomic - that's our long-term contribution to quality of life. We produce exactly the types of lighting that designers need to be able to turn their ideas into reality. Many of our product families are based on modular systems, fully scalable housing sizes, lighting units, and technologies so that they can fulfill even the most complex requirements through clean designs and consistent ideas. 

State-of-the-Art Optics
High-quality light control and calculation are one of our core competencies. Decades of experience in calculating light, along with relevant experience in materials and light sources, are what allow us to deliver highly efficient, ergonomic solutions. Selux optics are designed so that you can enjoy the quality you expect from top-grade light sources.


Quality is a mindset.
It's evident in our products.

High-Quality Materials and Finish
Quality is a question of detail. Or more accurately: it is a question of materials, from die-cast metals to aluminum components and premium quality plastics. It is a question of skilled workmanship - from the screws to the shadow gaps to the seals that protect our luminaires in any kind of weather or environment. And it is a question of understanding exactly how you need to use light. That is the type of understanding our experts offer - from knowledge about the decades-long lifecycle of external lighting to their uncompromising dedication to meeting the lighting needs of our customers, right down to the last detail. All that adds up to quality. It is what makes the difference between good and excellent products.


Going beyond trends and technology:
our innovations

Vision for Future Generations
We take long-term sustainability seriously: from the very start we have been responsible partners to our clients, our suppliers, and our employees. We also take concrete action to protect the environment by being prudent in our use of resources - through Dark Sky-approved luminaires, emission-free industrial complexes, solvent-free coatings, and solar energy projects.



Shaping the Future
We want to continue improving light, and are never afraid to try out something new in order to achieve our goals. We conduct design studies to gain a deeper understanding of technology for our series production, and network our knowledge to help develop cutting edge innovations. By cultivating creative networks and hosting events, we foster dialog with other companies and professionals in our business. One example of that is “Manta Rhei," a joint project with ART + COM, a design office. By combining up-to-the-minute OLED technology, electronics, and control technology, we have created a next generation luminaire that floats silently through the room, continually changing its appearance and creating a captivating combination of motion and light.

New Perspectives with LED and OLED 
LED and OLED open up a whole new word of economy, ergonomics, and design. The minimalistic shapes of these two technologies allow even more integrative product design. Used properly, they result in even greater efficiency: they are long lasting, use less energy, and allow light to be precisely directed and controlled. The future of light – at Selux, we call it the present.

A Partner with Solid Roots
We know that the best ideas and solutions are born in an open-minded, reliable, and friendly environment built on trust. And that's the way we work: in a spirit of close collaboration that leads to success.

Making Life Easier
Technology is complicated enough. That is why we do everything we can to make things as easy as possible. This means not only minimizing product maintenance, but also any effort and care our products need. We examine and re-examine every aspect of our design and configuration to maximize customer benefit in every detail.

Open for New Ideas
We are always open to a good idea. Our close collaboration with our clients, suppliers, and partners, along with our tight networks in the markets we serve, help us to spot new ideas and trends early and incorporate them into the development of new products. We also help to foster interest in good lighting and architecture by sponsoring university events, competitions for students, as well as international gatherings for the world's leading lighting designers.

We produce luminaires.
But we deliver quality of life.